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About the Artist

Julie Meikle

B.F.A. Specializing in Ceramics

             Julie Meikle has been creating functional ceramics for everyday use for nearly two decades and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics. For Julie, pottery started as a basement hobby when she bought her first potter's wheel in 2003. In 2006, the family moved to Japan, where her pottery became a centerpiece of the home. Spatial constraints of Japanese living meant that pot-throwing and electric firing took place in the middle of the house's tiny kitchen. While in Japan, Julie was also exposed to new ceramic influences and styles; including wood firing. These methods, which take inspiration from nature, continue to influence her work today. Over the past ten years, Julie has expanded her style to include making her own glazes from natural elements; and gas firing, which can lead to beautiful and unexpected results. In 2020, Julie opened a private studio on 17th Street and launched The Pottery House. Here you will find functional, organic pieces you will enjoy viewing and using in your everyday life.

About the Artist: Meet the Team
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